Journalist and Media Consultant


As a live television news anchor and reporter, Peggy has worked for every major television network including ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, and FOX.  After starting in entertainment television for E! News, TLC, HGTV, CourtTV, and We Networks, she now uses her media and reporting experience to help companies shape their media outreach and messaging.  Peggy also coaches executives to help improve their public and on-camera performance.

Consultant Work

Peggy currently specializes in crafting compelling narratives for individuals,  companies and start-ups, whether that's creating a media plan or a product video for a launch.  Knowing what types of stories mainstream media actually needs and wants for broadcasts, we build story pitches that win coverage. 

Philanthropic Media Consulting

The Bunker-Murphy Family produces a few philanthropic videos each year, helping non-profit organizations gain the attention and support their work deserves.  We'd love to hear about your organization, particularly if addressing animal confinement, the environment, or animal welfare.   


Please email [email protected] to request story coverage for your organization.